GDPR - EU General Data Protection Regulation


@Katherine_Duh Just been to an information session today on GDPR which replaces the Data Protection Act in The UK. It is a new EU wide legislation that will happen before Brexit. The new legislation comes into force on May 25th 2018. Part of this is that anyone storing personal data be it B2B or B2C has the responsibility to protect all data. It applies to voluntary organisations as well. We will all have the responsibility of knowing where (i.e under which jurisdiction) that data is stored. This causes a potential problem with US based servers (or any outside The EU). If the Trump presidential directive gives access to non US citizen data, then my understanding is that this will breach the GDPR regulations. Therefore, we cannot use Airtable for personal data as I believe it currently resides in The US. Do you have plans to have an EU server which can be specified for data storage? Your comments on this will be most welcome as at the moment we are having to hold back on our Airtable implementation.


Is there any news on this issue?


There are no official announcements yet, but I have been in touch with the privacy@ email address and have received an answer. Like all Airtable features, no pre-announcements / promises are made.


This is a very important issue for us as well. We are also British based and will not be able to use Airtable if we cannot guarantee that the data will be processed according to GDPR standards.


This is make or brake for us. We have to change systems if it’s not GDPR compliant. Please answer.


We had big plans for Airtable, but unless this is resolved we’ll be forced to find an alternative, as I imagine will the rest of Europe.

Is Airtable GDPR compliant?

We are currently undergoing GDPR compliance review and are on track to be compliant before the May 2018 deadline.

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