Get notified when a record is Deleted

Hello all

Is there a way to be notified when someone deletes a record? I mean… not just included in Airtable. I’m ok also with using zapier or other solutions… is there a way ANYWHERE to receive a mail when someone deletes a record?

Thanks in advance


You could probably use either Zapier or Integromat for this. The first time this zap/scenario runs, it would list every record in your target table, and store their record IDs in a table in a completely different base. The next time the sync runs, it would first go through that stored list and try to find each record by ID in your target table. Any ID it can’t find would represent a deleted record, and would trigger an email. Once that matching phase is done, it stores any new record IDs for the next sync check.

Aside from simply telling you if a record is deleted, though, there’s not much this system could do. It couldn’t tell you precisely when the record was deleted, or who deleted it. But maybe this bare-bones notification system would be enough for your use case.

Thanks Justin, even a simple notification would be ok for my scenario. But the zapier solutions you mentioned would require a HUGE amount of actions to be performed every time the check is performed (ideally should be every 5 min).
My DB has about 10.000 records. I need something leaner…

@openside can your tool help here?

Yes, we do handle deletes. But it works a bit different. Instead of deleting via the Airtable ui, you would create a checkbox called something like “Mark for Deletion”. And then when that box is checked our product will pick up that record and automatically delete that record and provide the record info to be used in your zap. There are other ways to do it besides a checkbox but that is easiest.


thanks man. I read your link already, but I have got a completely different use case.

Thanks to Airtable (hard to believe) unrestricted access policy and lack of even basic data access control, anyone in my base can delete anything he pleases.

Now… I need to prevent users from deleting records without anyone noticing. I understand there is a trash, and I can restore records, but if I never get notified that someone deletes the record… how can I react to it?

To restrict access, you’d have to give just readonly access to those users and allow them to interact with the data via forms instead of directly within Airtable.

Until they improve permissions that is the standard approach

Thanks, Openside,

Looks like I’m stuck with no solution then.
My users need to edit bases and manipulate data, I just need to protect my flow from someone accidentally deleting a record.

Thanks a lot. I’m an avid openside user btw.
Your zaps are saving me tons of work! Keep up with the good work.