Grouping same names will leave out records

Hello, I am a new user- I created an Airtable base that is updated via Zapier from a Google sheet. The records seem to be populating from the Google sheet correctly, but when I try to Group by Client name, not all the records are grouped. I will have some records with the same name in it’s own group. This has happened a number of times so manually dragging those records to the other grouped records of the same Client name has become cumbersome.

Has anyone else experienced this and know of a fix or what I may possibly be doing wrong?

Thanks in advance for any help on this topic.

Welcome to the community, @Eliza_Piotrowski!

I would check for extra spaces (or invisible characters) at the end of the client name, or the beginning of the client name, or somewhere within the client name.


Thank you ScottWorld, that was it! I went back into the Google sheet I was pulling the data from, highlighted the column that contained the data, and used the Trim whitespace option in Data.

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That’s great to hear! You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

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