Automated tool to ask users to verify specific data in order to avoid junk data in masterdata lists

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4 - Data Explorer

Main behavior (see screen capture for reference):
1.user download a new record under “Film purchases” tab which includes a country name.
2.the country name is not properly spelled as in the masterdata list (i.e: official list of countries that is used to harmonize data management)
3.if a new record is uploaded with the wrong country spelling, it creates junk data in the masterdata list and therefore requires a constant manual clean-up


  1. we don’t want to limit field permission
  2. we want to bring users attention to specific look-up columns so they can validate/quality control the data once a new record is uploaded
  3. is there an automated way to help bring users’ attention to these specific columns ?
    I thought about a pop-window that specifies as follows “the country information has not been uploaded properly, please verify data with corresponding masterdata list” but I understand airtable can not provide this tool. anything else ?

thank you

As an example:
Pict. 1: you see that the column “country of origin” is a look-up to a masterdata list stored in a separated tab named “Country”, in the same table (see pict. 2 for reference)


Pict. 2: you see the “country” tab which is one of the masterdata lists that filled several other tabs such as “film purchase” (as in pict. 1)


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Hi @Cloe_Berthiaume-Poul,

Im a bit confused by “user downloads a new record” and how is the country name a lookup field if they actually enter it? Do you mean users use a form to create new records?

For the country part, this is easy. You can make it a Linked to another record field and so they have to choose from a list of predefined countries.


Users either:

  1. add manually a new line/record with a couple of different data, including a country or territory. If entered manually, they can choose in the predefined countries list as we created a lookup to a predefined list (the one I call masterdata list). this is not a problem.
  2. add automatically by downloading a file with serveral lineitems. If done automatically, the country data may not be spelled the same way as in our list or may simply not exist in our predefined list.

My goal is to find a way to bring their attention when they download automatically a new line/record. I was looking for a pop-up whatever it is that says please validate “country field and others” (since country is not the only one we want them to pay attention to.

Hope this helps