Help with an if then concatenated formula

For a casting agency db I need to set a personalized filter column

I have a field with the age, now I need a formula column that gives me the segment :point_down:t2:

< 15 kids
=> 15 & < 18. teenagers
=> 18 & < 31 young
=> 31 & < 45 mature
=> 45 older

I’ve been trying to make an if then concatenated formula but I’m always getting errors.

Any help? :pray:

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Thanks Alexey.

I’m getting an error. Maybe am I missing something?

i think, it’s quotes, the forum substituted usual symmetric single quote
by left/right quotes…
my fault, i should have select formula text to avoid it.
correct version (substitute only lower part, with quotes)



I see! Thanks so much. It works like a charm! :grinning:

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