Help with linked forms

I have two columns that I pull data in from to make a linked form. Third column (forms) needs to have “clients name - root form” like “Yoga studio - Yoga Waiver company”. This now links the form to the second sheet, where we keep the status on each project. One client/record often has several documents and each o them needs to have a separate status. Something like “Yoga studio - Yoga waiver Company” and “Yoga studio - Employee agreement”

does anyone know how I can auto generate the third column?

Welcome to the community, @Madelaine_Braver!

Your screenshot above doesn’t show enough information for me to understand the setup of your system, and I’m not understanding what you are trying to accomplish.

Can you provide more screenshots of your entire system and how it’s setup, or can you share a copy of your base? You can share your base from your Workspace page, by clicking on the little down arrow that appears when you hover your mouse over the base. Then, choose “Share”. After that, choose “Base”, and at the bottom, choose the option to “Allow viewers to copy the data in this base”.