Hidden prefill columns returning empty on form entry?


I set prefill data for certain columns and created form for other fields. On entering form data, new row is created but these prefill records returned empty. I thought new row will contain prefill data regardless of how it is created.

I referred this for temp solution: Can I prefill a portion of a form?

Prefill hidden Fields


Right now, the prefill will only work for fields that are included in the form. Hidden fields for forms is on our roadmap.



Prefill hidden Fields

I’m currently using Cognito forms as a front end for data entry into Airtable which is super useful becuase Cognito allows hidden fields, and seriously powerful calculations. They also allow you to collect payment for form entries which is great because we’re using the form as an order form. The order is placed via the form, payment is collected, the data on the order flows into Airtable and out to our operations team. The connections are made via Zapier which is just a matter of field mapping.


Will this same approach work using Gravity Forms?


@Kasra, is this still on the roadmap?


Hi there, I would need the very same solution. Thanks!


ditto… want this as well.


@Kasra I too am in desperate need of this… two years have elapsed since this reply. Is it still on the roadmap please?


Same as @Giles_Croft, this is the missing piece to make dynamic forms that are truly useful.

Please tell me it‘s coming soon…


Yes. Me too… Useful update