Hide information in cell if checkbox checked


I have a base for a video library which, among other information, contains fields for URL’s to the videos and two “checkbox” fields; one for “sharable”, and one for “sharable with restrictions”. I’ve created created a view to show just the “Sharable” and “Sharable with restriction” videos. I want to share this view with others, but I don’t want them to see the URL’s for the records marked “sharable with restrictions”, only the other information associated with that record. Is there a way to hide just the URL if the “sharable with restrictions” box is checked?



One approach:

create a ‘URL’ field, hide it
create a formula field ‘URL-filtered’ with an IF statement to look at the check box field and the URL field.

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I thought I did this right, but it’s my first time using formulas in this way on airtable, and I’m not getting the results I want. I created a formula field, and entered the following formula: “IF({Sharable w/ restrictions}=0,BLANK({Share link}))”. Nothing changed, but the formula was not rejected either. I noticed there is both a “formula” and “formatting” tab under the formula field. When I click the formatting tab it reads “Your result type is not a number or a date. Formatting options are currently only available if your result type is a number or a date.” Is this true across airtable, or just for the free accounts?



I changed that “0” to a “1”, and still no change to the URL field.



I figured out a solution for what I wanted to do. Thanks for the help. Took me a little while to really wrap my head around this functionality.

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