How can I hide completed tasks in table view?

I have created a table for our small architectural firm based on the “project tracker” template I found in Airtable. Once a task is completed, I need to be able to hide the task in the table view so that it is clear at a glance where there is work to do for each project (and have the option to unhide for when I need to review task history). I have worked out how to filter tasks by their status in the Task tab but seem to be unable to do so in the main table.

When you are looking at the table, there’s no way to distinguish completed tasks from incompleted without opening up the row, and looking through all the tasks, which is causing me problems in meetings. Right now, the owners have me manually adding asterisks to the text of completed tasks AND I’m having to delete most completed tasks anyway, because they really pile up on the table view since I can’t hide them.

You can see an example of what I’m saying in the “project tracker” template. In that template, under the “Design Projects” tab, the first row for “coffee packaging” has one task: “research other coffee packaging”. If you check the “completed” check box for that task, it stays visible on the table. If you go to the “Tasks” tab, you can filter out completed tasks…but if you try to filter our completed tasks on the Design Projects table, it will remove any row/project that includes a completed task, and I need my table to include all active projects regardless of tasks.

I did find an older forum question and answer on this using a Lookup field, but I was unable to implement it properly. I added a “task status” column to my table that was a lookup on the “complete” checkmark in the task table. However when I filtered on that, I just got a column that has check marks in it when tasks are completed. (For instance, if a row has three tasks associated with it and two are done, the “task status” column just has two checks in it).

Any help is appreciated!

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If I understand you correctly, you are wanting to HIDE completed TASKS from the TASKS table, while you are viewing a PROJECT from the PROJECTS table and its associated TASKS.

I’m not sure there’s really a way to do that… but what you could do instead is just rethink the way you are viewing your projects. While you are in a meeting, perhaps you could view the TASKS table instead of the PROJECTS table, and group or filter your TASKS by PROJECT. Then you could easily hide completed TASKS with the Filter menu.

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Thank you Jeremy, I do have my task list grouped by project & I can hide completed tasks on the Tasks tab, but I need to be able to view the entire list of projects/Projects Table regardless of whether they have open tasks at the time the Projects table is printed or viewed. I just want to hide completed tasks in that Table view. Another person had reported success doing this with the lookup field, but I couldn’t replicate that!

I don’t seem to be able to put the link in my post here, but the thread I was referring to was “Hide Completed Tasks in Tables / Tabs within Project Planner” from 05/19. I tried to do what Rachel said worked for her, but couldn’t replicate it!

I think you need to use the concept of a conditional rollup.

In your tasks table, have a formula field that returns the Task name or description only if the task is NOT marked complete.

IF(NOT(Completed), Description)

And then in your Projects table, create a Rollup field that rolls up that conditional field from the Tasks table, with an ARRAYCOMPACT(values) rollup function. Now you’ll need to use this rollup field to display Tasks in a Project, instead of the Linked record field.

I really appreciate your help!!! That did it! Thankyouthankyouthankyou! I am new and would not have been able to figure out those formulas, etc., by myself!

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