Trouble setting up a daily stock count function

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4 - Data Explorer

I’m trying to migrate my inventory management into Airtable from GoogleDocs and I have a feeling it will do what I need it to do but I seem to be stuck in Excel thinking. Currently in GDocs use three sheets to manage stock. First with all the items individually listed by order of unique serial numbers, second with item descriptions assigned to each SKU code (this is then pulled to first sheet) and lastly a stock counting sheet where I simply scan serial numbers during a daily stock count. First sheet then checks if there’s a match of its record in the third sheet and if there’s a match it simply displays a “Found” message, if there’s no match it marks an item as “Investigate”. I tried to include images but apparently I’m not allowed images or links for some reason :frowning:

In case this is relevant, the lookup formula for the stock count looks like so:

The closest I get to replicating this facility in Airtable is by linking the second column in Counting sheet table to the Inventory table and scanning the serial numbers into it and then using a formula in the first column of the Counting sheet as a “Counted” marker using a simple IF formula (IF({Scan Import}="","",“Counted”)). It’s not very tidy but it kind of works. Kind of. The problem is that this doesnt work for really well since every mis-scan or scan error creates a new record in the Inventory table.

I was hoping someone needed this functionality before and managed to find a tidier solution? Any help would be massively appreciated

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Hey Jack,

It sounds like you’ve done a pretty decent job of getting this workflow set-up; I’m not sure if I’ll be able to offer above-and-beyond guidance here. A few thoughts:

IF({Scan Import}, "Counted") would also work as a formula
• You could add a view to the barcode table that filters to only display mis-scans, which might allow for easier bulk deletion. You can also filter to hide these records from your main view.

Otherwise, as you may have already perused, there seem to be a number of past threads with folks asking about inventory management use-cases.

Hope this helps a bit.