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4 - Data Explorer

Hi there! I’m fairly new to Airtable. I am working on a base to track bid requests, assembling an estimate and tracking orders for a construction company.

Using the base template for a product catalog, I’m making some progress, but am stuck when it comes to pricing. The majority of our builds are custom and we are just beginning the data capture process.

Right now, someone can fill out an estimate form. Then we review home plans, and identify material required to assemble an estimate. An estimate includes material prices + manufacturing time + our labor + delivery (optional), etc.

I’m stumped on the Material Pricing Table. The two main components are wood of some variety and steel/hardware. Each component has several potential vendors (listed on a different table).

Any help is truly appreciated! Columns as I see them are:

Material Type (Doug Fir); Type 2 (Rough, Free of Heart Center, Box Heart, Kiln Dried); Size; Length; Vendor; Quantity, Price, Total price for Material (function of quantity and price).

One size can have many lengths.

We have the Airtable Pro plan with blocks in case that is helpful. Ideally, we will update the pricing list in Airtable every two months when we receive new price sheets from vendors.

Trying to attach a screen shot of prices from our main wood supplier. Again, many thanks in advance!

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Hi @Chrystal_Checketts,

Welcome to Airtable !

I dont get where are you stuck exactly? If you want to share some screenshots of your base and what exactly is it that you are trying to achieve, that would be helpful.