How can I make a form field read-only?


Hi there,

I was wondering if and how I can make a (prefilled) field in a form read-only. I am basically creating a form to answer a question. The form should be generic, but the question should change. But it should not be changed by the user themselves.

I know the field wouldn’t “really” be read only since the user could modify the query string parameter, but that would be good in my usecase to prevent unwanted changes to one of the fields.



Well, if Airtable let you prefill a hidden field, you’d be all set: Prefill the hidden field, and then reflect its contents in a second, formula field. But since you can’t prefill a hidden field, maybe reorder the fields to put the prefillable one last, use the field description (which precedes the field) to indicate clearly the form stops prior to that field, and once again mirror the field’s contents using a formula field in a much more visible place in the form?


I don’t think this would work either because they don’t allow you to add formulated fields to a form either (or did I miss an update somewhere?)


Damn, shows you how often I use forms. (I suppose that restriction made sense at the time…)

I’ve come up with several other ways of providing you with a non-editable question text… none of which will work because of limitations on forms. Sigh.


Ya, that’s a bummer.

This would definitely be a place for improvement, but I think they have bigger fish to fry in the feature requests department.


Thanks for your ideas. I went with a big warning sign and some more backoffice processing to cope with eventual changes. Read-only labels would really be a big up for designing smart forms though!