How can i make (real-time) clone/duplicated table?

Hi. I have original db in airtable.
And i want to copy it to other tables (in same project) several times and filter by category.

like this

But as i understand, this is available in same table to another (grid) view.
(i need table, not view. becuz the reason i do this is i am making an app by Thunkable)
Or if i just duplicate a table, then it will not update automatically.

So please help me. Do i need a script block or something?

Scripts don’t run automatically. If I’m not mistaken, Thunkable lets you control for using a particular View. Are you sure you can’t use views for your app?

If you absolutely must use another table, your best bet would be to use Zapier or Integromat to handle syncing. Depending on how often you make changes to the table, including adding or removing fields, this may require a complex Zapier/Integromat “scenario”.

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really appreciate for your help.
there is a way to use view in thunkable, but
recently thunkable add ‘dataview’. but it just ask me table (not view).

i guess request for thunkable team. or i need to learn handle Zapier…
thanks for your help!

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