How do I hide table tabs?

I have several helper tables for linking and allowing users to choose from sets of pre-defined values. They do not need to be directly accessed and can confuse end users. I would like to find a way for them to be hidden. I found an old thread about this that is marked as solved, but as far as I can tell, it hasn’t been solved.

Some options that could work:

  1. Allow these tables to move to a separate Base that can be accessed from the Base the consultants interact with, meaning allow Bases to access data across other Bases in the workspace. This way I could group the tables into functional and boilerplate Bases.

  2. Access to a show/hide UX in the Base with the tables listed and a toggle switch for visibility. Off state would hide the tab.

  3. System or even a hack that allows for custom CSS. Unfortunately the tabs do not have ids, but I may still be able to hack something with nth child.

Are any of these available? Is there another solution? If not, can one be rolled out?

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Welcome to the Community, Neal!

Terrific question but as far as I am aware, this cannot be done in any of the excellent ways you suggest. Links between bases aren’t supported (see here). I’d love to have this done right in the base – an option to toggle visibility of table tabs precisely as we can toggle visibility of fields in a view. I’d hate to have to find my old books on CSS and solve the problem that way, but I’d do it – especially if custom CSS also meant that I could tweak the LOOK of my bases. (You can do this sort of thing in the secure email service ProtonMail.)


My solution is to try to organize the tabs. I do something similar to organize views – i.e. I create empty views and give them names that make them useful as separators.


(organizing table tabs:)

(and for organizing views:)

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