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My Production Schedule is synced to an external calendar subscription informing our entire cast and crew WHAT we're shooting - WHEN - but even though the physical address of WHERE we're shooting (i.e.: where they all need to be) - or even zoom hyperl...
I guess I just don't understand how/why Airtable is set up this way.If I have a Pro account.And another has a Pro account.Why can't they just SHARE one of their workspaces and/or bases with me - with edit access - without my having to pay a 3rd time?...
Apologies in advance if this is elsewhere or common knowledge or the query is posted in the wrong location (Formulas). I did look all around to find a similar Q&A elsewhere (found some close but none exactly what I was looking for), so...TWO sample u...
HOW can we HIDE or MOVE the "Uncategorized” column on a Kanban view embedded on a website?Use Case:I’m a Film & TV Producer with an option on a novel.If you look at: Hardcastle - Heather Hale Productions you’ll see we have embedded a public-facing “C...
I am not quite sure I’m using the right languaging here but basically… I want fellow MFA film students to be able to toggle ALL selections from a dropdown list of potential crew roles identifying those crew positions that are, say, their #1 career go...