How can I add mtg location (i.e.: physical address or zoom URL/link) to calendar subscriptions?

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

My Production Schedule is synced to an external calendar subscription informing our entire cast and crew WHAT we're shooting - WHEN - but even though the physical address of WHERE we're shooting (i.e.: where they all need to be) - or even zoom hyperlinks (with the passwords embedded for virtual production meetings) - are detailed ON the customized labels, that doesn't transfer to the calendar subscription.

All they get is an Airtable URL - and even if they click that link - it doesn't reveal the address - which is selected as an option for the customized label. 

What's the point of the customized label when it doesn't sync the info you select?

How/where can I add LOCATION to my calendar subscriptions?


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