How do I save a new record in the dashboard


Hi community,

Sorry for my noob question, but I cannot figure out how to save a new record in a dashbaord, there is no save button, and clicking away doesn’t save the record either.



Records are automatically saved when they’re created, so there’s no need for a “save” button. If something isn’t sticking, then you might not be editing an actual record. What exactly do you mean when you say “dashboard”? There’s no default dashboard view in Airtable. Are you using blocks? (I’m on the free account, so if there’s a dashboard block, I’m not aware of it.) Any additional info you can provide about your situation would be very helpful.



I’ve made a copy of this template called “Personal Dashboard” from the frontpage of Airtable Universe, and clicked on Dashboard, and then try to make a new “card” which would be a new record.

Maybe I am having javascript issues due to adblocks and some such?
Thank you



Oh but actually, I’m using the airtable mac app, so it’s probabaly not due to javascript related issues



I just clicked the plus circle and clicked off a few times and I get a bunch of cards(records).

Are you perhaps looking at a different view, that filters out records that don’t have the specific value in a field required to show up in that view?

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Ok, you’re right! I was in the wrong view. Thank you for taking the time trying it out.