How to add photos in bulk to a table?


I’m new to Airtable, probably this is super basic, but… How to add photos in bulk to a table, so that each one becomes a separate record? I have a file of 100 photos, and I want to bring them into my base so that each one is a separate record that I can then add keywords and text to describe it. Thanks!


You can’t within Airtable, but you can do it with Zapier or Integromat:


Actually, you can in Airtable.

In the table you want to add these photos to, create a “Gallery” view.

Then select all of your photos and drag-and-drop them onto the gallery view – you will be asked if you want to create a new record for each photo, or one record for all the photos.


Oh! I didn’t know that. Cool! :metal:


Jeremy - you are brilliant! worked like a charm! Thanks a ton. :surfing_man:


Jeremy- have you run across anyone in the AirTable community who can advise me on the structure of a complex base? see my post today for a bit more detail. Thanks!


I’m reading it now, @David_Laufer. :slight_smile:


Hi Jeremy,

If you are still being kind to noobs; for the life of me I can’t get this to work - if I bulk select, drag or copy images in the Gallery view they all get added to a single record as I don’t appear to be given the option to add them as individual records.

Is there a very obvious step I’m missing…?

Yours hopefully.



:thinking:… you’re certain it’s a “Gallery” view you are on, and not a “Grid” view? It has records shown as “cards” rather than as “rows”?

If so, I can’t think of any obvious reason why it wouldn’t be working.


  • dropping them directly on the “+” button to ensure you aren’t accidentally dropping them on a single record
  • using a different browser
  • disabling any pop up blockers or extensions you have running in your browser


Hi Jeremy,

You are brilliant! What I was doing wrong was letting the red + button open an upload window and I was then trying to upload files rather than dropping the files directly on to it.

Thank you so much!



I followed your direction. When I try to load multiple images the + (lower right) turns into a message “to drop files, choose an attachment cover field” .

Not sure what that means or next steps.



I tried it again (after 10 minutes) and it allowed me to do it.
Apparently airtable had to “think about and get ready for me” :slight_smile: Works like a charm, now…


The Gallery view type allows an Attachment field to set as the image, as long as it is a gallery. Of course, the message you were getting says that you hadn’t set the cover image, so Airtable does not know in which field store your uploaded images. When you got the error message, was the cover image set?