How to add photos in bulk to a table?


I’m new to Airtable, probably this is super basic, but… How to add photos in bulk to a table, so that each one becomes a separate record? I have a file of 100 photos, and I want to bring them into my base so that each one is a separate record that I can then add keywords and text to describe it. Thanks!


You can’t within Airtable, but you can do it with Zapier or Integromat:


Actually, you can in Airtable.

In the table you want to add these photos to, create a “Gallery” view.

Then select all of your photos and drag-and-drop them onto the gallery view – you will be asked if you want to create a new record for each photo, or one record for all the photos.


Oh! I didn’t know that. Cool! :metal:


Jeremy - you are brilliant! worked like a charm! Thanks a ton. :surfing_man:


Jeremy- have you run across anyone in the AirTable community who can advise me on the structure of a complex base? see my post today for a bit more detail. Thanks!


I’m reading it now, @David_Laufer. :slight_smile: