How to automate entries between two tables

Hi there, i’m pretty new so excuse me posting in the main channel instead of directly in Formulas forum - i’m not sure if its the answer to my question - I’ll get to the point!

I have two tables - one is called Games, and another Genres.

In Games, I have a name and a genre of the game.

In Genres I have a list of Genres - naturally! for each row I would like to find a list of all games in Games, and populate where the genres match. eg. In Genres, for my First Person Shooter row, in a new column called games i’d like to list all the games in my games table where I’ve already specified first person shooter - by automatically saying 'if the Name field in this table (genre) matches the genre field in this other table (Games).

How do I best approach that? is it a formula? or something else? thanks for your patience with this n00b question!

Hi @Will_Goldstone - Airtable will do this for you automatically. If you create a link field in your games table to genres you’ll this:

Back in the genres table you’ll see this:

Is this what you want to see?


Hey JB, I’m total fool. I’d already done that but hidden the field by mistake and started working on another one - thanks so much!

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