How to check if attachement field is empty or not

Hi everybody,

I’d like to check if an attachement field is empty or not. Someone knows how to do this ?

Tanks a lot.


Hi @LEROY_Frederic - try this:

IF(Attachments, 'There are attachments for this record', 'No attachments for this record')


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Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for the answer, but…

Don’t know why, didn’t work with my table :
Rapport is my attachement field
in my test field the formula :
if (Rapport,‘OUI’,‘NON’)

airtable says in red : Sorry, there was a problem saving this field. Invalid formula. Please check your formula text.

an idea about ?

Do you have a space between the word “if” and the opening parenthesis?

Try pasting this formula in:

IF(Rapport, ‘OUI’, ‘NON’)
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Sorry for the late answer…
Same message when pasting.
I have an idea, using airtable APP on Macintosh or Web App


Ah, no… sorry, I know what it is — it’s the smart quotes. They got both of us.

Try again - copy-paste this:

IF(Rapport, 'OUI', 'NON')

… I promise you it will work this time

Oh yes!!! Thank you very much!!