How to COUNTA in a single row?


Hi all!

I’m looking for a formula solution that will enable me to either:

  • Count all of the "http"s in a single row OR
  • Count the number of non-empty URL field types in a row.

Current code:
CONCATENATE(COUNTA(“https”)," / ",IF({Advertising allowance}=“Daily”, “30”,IF({Advertising allowance}=“Weekly”, “4”,IF({Advertising allowance}=“Bi-Monthly”, “2”,IF({Advertising allowance}=“Monthly”, “1”)))))


Assuming the URLs are all in individual fields…

Try the following: COUNTA({URL Field 1}, {URL Field 2}, {URL Field 3})…

If you have a lot of URL fields, it may also be worth looking at whether they should be in a linked table instead of having multiple columns.


Thanks Julian!

That’s exactly what I ended up doing as I thought through it more.