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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I am a lawyer who tracks evidence using a database. Quite often, I will use a piece of software that does what is called “Early Case Assessment” to cull through tens or hundreds of thousands of documents. The ECA software helps me narrow the number of relevant documents to a few hundred.

I can then “Export” these documents into a table with attachments. That is, the spreadsheet generated includes fields/columns for each document/row. Each document/row will contain meta-data in the fields such as author, recipient, date of document, etc.

I am trying to find a way importing this table in a way that will import each exported document into airtable as a record, each having a unique attachment associated with each exported file.

Right now, I know how to bulk upload documents to create individual records through the Gallery view. I know how to upload a table. But, how do I do both - and in a way so that each record attaches the correct document?

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