How to filter a list of multiple numbers?

I have a column of IDs stored as numbers, which I can filter for one at a time using the standard operators. Is it possible to filter for a list of multiple IDs in one go?

For example, select every record where the ID is in 1234,4567,8910… etc

similar to how in SQL you can do : “SELECT * FROM TABLE WHERE ID IN (1234,4567,8910)”

Hi there,
Yes you can, with “or”:

@Chen_Pro Thank you for that, but it’s a little tedious to have to enter them one at a time , especially if I have a list of 100 or 200. Is there a faster way to mass filter?

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Although Airtable is a database, it does not accept SQL queries, and has other aspects that are different from other relational databases.

If all the numbers are the only numbers within a particular range, you can search for the range. However, Airtable cannot directly filter for a large set of random values.

If you have a Pro subscription, one option is to create a new field to filter on, such as a check box, then write a custom script that sets the checkbox for you for records that have one of the values.

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