How to find and loop over multiple records in airtable when using Zapier push as the trigger?

I’m trying to use Zapier push to trigger a zap that will find new records in an airtable view and then generate pdf documents through webmerge based on those records (one pdf per record). I’d like this to be performed on all marked records (all the records in the view). But I can’t figure out how to make Zapier loop over the records.

I want it to work similarly to if I used airtable’s ‘New records in view’ trigger---- but I want the trigger to be controlled by the user, not by zapier polling for new records.

Has anyone found a good solution for this?

Thank you!
Chau Nguyen

If the Airtable Search action in Zapier doesn’t do this (although I think it does), you can definitely accomplish it with On2Air: Actions

Another option is to use Integromat. I’ve only begun fiddling with both that and Zapier recently, but have spent more time in Integromat mainly because the stuff I want to do takes multiple steps, and Zapier limits me to two-step zaps with the free account. That aside, Integromat makes it easy to apply several steps to a series of records found via search. In fact, it’s automatic. Run your search, and all subsequent steps will be applied to the found records.