How to mark email addresses on the Contacts table, that are listed on the Removed Emails table?

Hi everyone. This is the setup I’m trying to achieve:
I have a contacts table with: Name (primary field), Email, Phone, Address, etc.
By default, all this users receive my weekly newsletter, because they all subscribe it somewhere in the past.
The users can decide to stop receiving the newsletter, but I don’t want to delete their email address from their record (as the information on this table is also used in other situations, appart from sending the newsletter).
My ideia is: to create a table with only the removed email addresses and, on the Contacts table, to add a column where there will be a check mark if the email address for a specific record is part of the removed emails list.
With this setup, I can have the newsletter subscribers 100% updated, as when I insert a new removed email on the removed emails table, that email will be instantly flagged on the Contacts table and will not be used on the newsletter for the next week.
How can I achieve this (please note that my primary field on the Contacts table is “Name” and this should not be changed)?
Thank you very much!

I think it would be easier to keep it all in one table but use different views.

Just check the checkbox if they have unsubscribed (or uncheck the checkbox if they have unsubscribed — whichever you prefer).

Then, create 2 different filtered views — one view can be filtered for subscribed contacts, and the other view can be filtered for unsubscribed contacts.

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Thanks @ScottWorld you are right.
I was “over complicating” and what you suggest is the correct way to go.

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