How to move one table with all the views to another base?


Hi, dear all talent folks,
I’m a new user on Airtable. I’ve been using this wonderful new invented app in the past weeks.

I recently found a question that literally I’m able to move one table with only one view to another base, simply using the cmd+c/cmd+v, but I’d have to adjust some filed, for instance, that the formula field cannot be pasted.

I’m wondering if there is any way that can realize these following functions;
1). Can I move one table to another base with all the review which depends on this table? For instance, I have a table A with 5 different views (2 Grid views, 1 Kanban, 1 Calendar, 1 Gallery).
2). Is there any way that I can copy/past all the field from what it is, for instance, the completed migration from the formula, the current way that I’ve told is impossible to move the entire filed, for instance, that the Formula will be auto-revised as a “short line text” field

I also tried export/import the table, also the same issue.

Please advice…
Thank you.


Hi Xing

I am not sure if this helps, but you can duplicate a base with views. You would open the base that you would like to duplicate, then select the name of the base at the top of the screen. A dialogue box opens, and near the bottom of the box, you can chose:

Duplicate base

It will open up two options:

Copy all records (this will also duplicate Views, too)

Create an empty base (this should create a base with the headers only)

Then it will ask you to:

Choose a workspace:

Example Bases (this is for personal use)


New Team (I believe this is if you want other people to work on your base, but you have to pay)

Once you do this, check near the bottom of the page with all the templates and where all your bases are, and you should find the duplicated base there.

I noticed in the same dialogue box were you can duplicate a base, you can duplicate a table, but it only duplicates the table within the base. I don’t know if you could duplicate a table outside of a base. Maybe someone else can answer that question.

I also have found that this link can give you an overall view to how Airtable works:

These links might be helpful, too:

I hope this information will be helpful. If you need help, just repost that you need more help.



hi dear @M_k, thank you.
but I’m still wondering how can I only remove one table from base A (have 8 tables) to base B. Not to duplicate the entire base, just migrating a table to another base.


Hi Xing

I managed to find a post addressing this issue in Airtable.

The actual ability to move a table is not yet available, it has been requested many times as a feature request, but there a work-around, to achieve the same result.

Here is a link to another post in Airtable to do this. It it post #2, but the rest of the post is interesting too:

I hope this is helpful.


P.S. Click on the blue link, halfway down the post, to get clearer instructions.


thanks for the reply, I tried the way you replied me, but it will potentially lose the formula, and titles, right?


Yes, you will lose formulas (not titles). There is no way to do this without losing formulas. You can always then go back and copy paste your formulas back into your new base.