How to record the URL where a form was completed?


I have an airtable form on multiple pages on my website.

How do I record the URL of the page the form was completed on as a form field?



You would want to create a field in the form to hold the URL of the page
After that use the prefill option to prefill that field with the URL of the page

When the form is submitted the URL will be recorded
Check out this link

The only downside in this solution is that it is possible for your user’s to modify the URL field of your form.
A workaround to this problem is creating a custom form (Using some langauge like Ruby, JAVA etc)
and use the Airtable API to connect the custom forms with Aitable.
(You could automatically populate the URL field in Airtable then through your custom backend…no need for prefilling)


Ok, thanks for the response!

I think this may partially work for my purposes.

Just so I’m clear though, you are basically suggesting tagging the form in each different place it appears on my site, the prefill ‘tag’ being the partial URL I want to record, then adding a formula that appends that prefill tag to my primary domain, correct?

For example,

Airtable form would start as,

On my pricing page I would append to,

In airtable I would create a “URL” field, and another field with,

To produce,

Is this what you have in mind, or am I misinterpreting?

(Also, could you not hide the field so users cannot edit it, but still prefill it?)

There are, however, also reasons to actually record the URL of the page.

For example, if the form is linked from a button in the Nav bar on my site, I could tag it something like ‘nav’, but I wouldn’t actually know what page the form was submitted on.

Is there a way to actually record the URL without going through the API. Or are there any Zaps that may work for this purpose? (If no, I could go down the API path, but I’d rather not.)

Thanks for the info. Much appreciated.