How to share only Dashboard with added blocks

I want to share my dashboard with installed blocks with other user without sharing my base/views. I am not able to find anything. Please help

Hi Saleem :wave: Unfortunately this is not possible with custom blocks at this time. It is a feature that we’d like to build - if you have more details about your use case to share, that would help us in prioritizing this!

A follow-up question on this. As custom blocks developers, can a Base be shared only with the development block version in it? Because now we have two blocks in the base we shared for the contest, for example.

@Widgetic did you run block release? When you say development block version, it sounds like you’re referring to the local version. If you’ve run block release, A collaborator in the base can add new installations from the blocks gallery. If you forgot to run block release (for the contest), the judge can fork your github repo and install a new version in the base to test it out.

For more details on how to release a block, see the Hello World Tutorial.

I hope it works as expected! :man_dancing:

Yes we did run block release. But these are some things that aren’t clear to us:

  1. Can a custom block can be installed without the dev (local) version? It seems the local version will continue to work in the base, but after some time it will time-out.

  2. We did delete the local version from the base, but then the custom block seems to have stopped working as well. So this time we didn’t delete it and let the local version be there as well.

So the question is, how can we share the base to others without them having to see the local version and the custom block in the dashboard?

Once you release a block to a base, users can install a non-local version of the block. The development version is connected to your local machine, so will inevitably time out.

When another user in the base sees a block in development (i.e. running locally on your machine but not theirs), they see “this block hasn’t been released yet”. If that is what you are trying to avoid, I’d suggest adding multiple block dashboards. One for development and one for users. Here is an example in the blocks pane.

Thanks, I’ve done that for the video. I won’t be editing the base now, but I named the block so you guys can figure out which one is which. Will have to experiment more afterwards.