I was wondering how to format my teams message. either markdown... idk how im supposed to do it

so i know toy can set up a “summary”: "bla bla bla… but has anyone tried to format the incoming automation from airtable into teams i want the message to look good and have breaks \n but i cant seem to pin it down.

Hi John, and welcome to the community!

This is just enough information to classify any response as an exercise in mind-reading. Can you provide more details so the community is able to help you? It would be nice to know what you tried, what the “messaging” context is, and what “incoming automation” refers to.

So what i have set up is a air-table form built into an app that is imposed on all company phones… so in airtable fashion it creates a record and with that nice and tidy record i want to have it display it to a general chat in microsoft teams. i cant find anywhere that tells me how to format it in markdown on teams to present the information in a more orderly way. i tried the “summary” ; " employee name: {employee name} " into a formula that i could try to select to display like airtable suggests. yet, this was beating into a rock and went no where what can i do are their any good examples, haha please enlighten me.

Well, okay. So to fully understand, you have an automation action in Airtable that posts to the Teams chat systems, right?

And you want to know how to shape the content being posted to Team chat in a manner that supports the Markdown spec, right?

thats what i tried to do in automations with no avail.

and i would love to know how to shape the content being posted to teams chat that supports markdown.

I need to see an example of the content that needs to be shaped; how it should look in Teams, and how it is being conveyed to Teams chat.

i just want the info in it to have line breaks and be able to bold the leading text.

employee name john
work station home

Then you need to create a scoring that looks like this:

let thisTeamsMessage = “”;
thisTeamsMessage += “employee name {employeeName}\n”;
thisTeamsMessage += “work station {workStation}\n”;

How are you sending it to Teams chat?

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