iCal Feed time is off


I have a date field with an inlcuded time field. The box “Use the same time zone (GMT) for all collaboraters” is checked.

I have put in a date and a time (9:00).

I have made a calendar view and clicked on “share” to get my iCal subscription link. It looks like this: https://airtable.com/***/iCal?timeZone=Europe%2FBerlin&userLocale=de

I imported this feed in Apple Calendar and Google Calendar. In both the starting time is two hours off (11:00).

I have tried to replace “Europe%2FBerlin” with “GMT”, “UTC” or “Europe%2FHelsinki” but it always starts at 11:00.

What am I doing wrong?


Does anybody have any idea how to fix this?


I’m running into the same problem! My team and I are six times zones apart. Times appear accurate to both of us in Airtable, but we need the times to be locally correct after syncing with iCal. How to fix??


Add me to the list, I’m 4 hours off. What gives.


This is purely a guess, as I’ve not tried to interface Airtable and an external calendar, but you might want to try something like this:

            [Your TimeZone Specifier]

IIRC, I’ve used that construction to beat an otherwise recalcitrant date field into shape when I couldn’t seem to get it into the correct longitude to save me…