iCal is not updated in Google Calendar


Hi everybody

I have tried the iCal connector to Google Calendar. It is a very useful feature and I was very happy when I saw it but, unfortunately, it looks like Google is not properly updating the information.

The first time you make the connection it works fine but afterwards, if you make changes in the database, these changes are not reflected in Google Calendar. If you try to connect it again you must introduce something new in the URL provided by Airtable so that Google Calendar understand it is a new Calendar and does not use the cache.

So, the calendar is out of sync as soon as you change any information in the database.

Althouhg I think this is a Google problem (there are some forum about it https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/calendar/ixQnzHmWDSk), it would be fantastic if you could do something about it because this feature is something we have been looking for.

Thank you!


I have the same issue. DId anyone find a solution?


I have the same issue too… any suggestion anyone?


Any update about this issue?

Help creating a master calendar for a base?

Any update on this? This appears to be the only way to view multiple AirTable calendars together.



I’ve checked it again and it works! I did not change anything. Magic. :grin:

The automatic updates take about 24 hours so, once a change has been made, you have to wait to check if everything went fine.