IF Checkbox, add +1

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I’d like to make a formula that whenever I mark the checkbox (I’ll unmark it later again), it will add +1. It’s a counter for how many times I already did a recurring task.

Any ideas on how to do that?

Many thanks in advance



I don’t think you’ll be able to do that natively in airtable within a specific record. You could write up a script in zapier or integromat to make something happen.

If you wanted to keep it within airtable I would recommend creating 2 tables, “Tasks” and “Events”. Tasks would be a list of each individual type of reoccuring task. Events would include a new record for each time a task is run. You could toggle this from a form or something to get you close to a single button press to trigger. Records in the event table would link to a task. In the Tasks table, 1 field would be a rollup to count the number of events for that task.

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Oh I see. Thank you very much in any case. I think I’ll refrain from using Zapier and such for now and just copy the tasks. Make groups like “current” and “upcoming” :slight_smile:

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