IF (OR) Formulas in Airtable

Hi everyone, I need to look at a field called Month in my table, which is being populated with the names of the month based on date. So, that field will have, “January”, “February”, “March”, etc. all the way to “December”.

I’m trying to create a formula that automates the business quarter each month belongs to, so if the Month is January, February, or March, it prints “Q1” in the Quarter field. I’ve gotten this far: IF(OR(Month = “January”, Month = “February”, Month=“March”), “Q1”), so that it works for these three months, but don’t understand the syntax required to nest the next IF statement so that it will assign “April”, “May”, or “June” with “Q2”, and so on.

Anyone know how to do this?

Thanks very much.


Hi @Ralph_Raiola - this would be better served with a SWITCH() formula (in general) - more on that here:

But in this specific case you don’t need an IF statement:

Month is:


(sounds like you’ve already got this)

Quarter is:



Thank you Jonathan. This worked perfectly.