IF Statement nested but different

Hey People, i`m facing a problem i cant solve :frowning:

I want to calculate Taxes in my Base.

Ive got a checkbox called - SOLD
A base which is called - Bought from Private (BFP)
A Base called - Kommission
A field which hold the SALES
A Field which hold the amount of the kommission
A Field which hold the amount how much i paid for the article.

So i want to do this:

IF(SOLD, AND (BFP) -> calculate (SALES-Bought for)/11919, IF(SOLD, AND KOMMISSION -> calculate (SALES-KOMMISSION)/11919)

I cant find a solution to make the formulawork …

Thank you very much!!!

Sounds like you need to do:

   AND({SOLD}, {BFP}),
   ({SALES-Bought for})/11919, 
      ({SALES} - {KOMMISSION})/11919
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THANK YOU very much <3

Was sitting on ik for like 2 hours :smiley:

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