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4 - Data Explorer

I am scheduling weekly covid tests and there are different testing schedules. I want to automatically scheduled the next test based on their schedule. So I mark a record that a test has been taken (check box), I want a formula to check their testing status (Monday, Wednesday, Friday), and automatically create a new record with the next test date. I can do certain days out, for weekly schedules, DATEADD({Test Date}, 7, ‘DAY’) but not sure how to make it day of the week specific.

I have a multiple select field that is dedicated to the days of the week they are testing, but I can change their field if there’s a field type that works better

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Welcome to the community, @Melissa_Winter! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes: This is doable. However, I’ll warn you now that it’s a bit of a mess, at least if you want to do it via formula fields. I built a system like this for my personal planning base a while back, and in order to make sense of all of the necessary steps, I had them split across at least a half-dozen formula fields before finally arriving at the new date. I also had an Integromat scenario running daily to copy the output of that formula fun to an actual date field. Now those fields are gone and the calculations are done in a scripting action inside an automation that runs every day.

If you’re interested, I could set you up to use a modified version of my code. However, I have to ask: how many records are you working with? Automations have monthly limits, so the method we use to implement this system will depend on your record count. I’m using a workaround to run a single automation daily that processes all available records, but if your record count is low enough, it could be set up to run on every record.