IF then formula to create dynamic field text


I am trying to create a donation form for either Cash or InKind contributions. I would like them to click a Checkbox (or something), then a dynamic field is displayed that allows them to input the specifics of their contribution based on the check. i.e. cash or a text field they can describe their inkind contribution.
What is the KISS method for this?



Unfortunately Airtable forms don’t yet have this kind of dynamic functionality. The best you can get is to include both dollar and text fields in your form, and include instructions that the user should only use one of them, not both.

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Wow, very surprised to hear this.

Can you create a Text or Image section that is not a field?


To some extent I am too, especially considering that Airtable has had forms since mid-2015.

You mean to instruct users on how to use the form? Technically no. Forms only contain field inputs. However, when building your form view, you can add detailed instructions for each field. Click on any field name, and a text entry space will appear below the name that says “Add some help text.” Add any commentary in there regarding how your form should be used.


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@Bryan_Wachs - you could also use the form description to provide general instructions rather than field-specific instructions:


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