Importing long fields with text breaks


I’ve got a bunch of longer text fields with a number of line breaks throughout, but I’m not sure how to import these. I’ve got them in Filemaker and going out and then back in via CSV, but the breaks vanish when they go into CSV and then aren’t represented at all in Airtable. Is there a code used in the CSV import to properly display line breaks in long text fields? I know “\n” works in formulas, but when importing this isn’t recognised by Airtable as a line break.

This would also be handy, I suspect, in the formula field I’m using to try to convert a long text field with some bold and italics encoding into simple HTML. I can’t seem to convert the line breaks in a long text field into

Any help on either issue would be great!

What are your favorite Airtable tips & tricks?

Thanks for this thread. I’m disappointed there has been no reply in a year. Did you ever find a solution? I have sent a support request to Airtable via email.


I think I did find a workaround to this, but for the life of me can’t remember what I did. I think I probably used a placeholder symbol to represent a line break and then used a formula field inside Airtable to parse it out and then copied the formula fields to text fields. But I’m not sure. There may be a CSV line break code as well, but I’ve forgotten it now! Sorry I can’t be more helpful.


Thanks. I figure I may need to do something similar until Airtable can put a decent solution in place.