Integration - DAM

I need to pull images from a cloud-based digital asset management app (webdam) into Airtable. How can link the two applications? Ideally, when attaching a file, I would be able to search Webdam in the same way Box or Dropbox is available. Is this an API thing? Webdam has integrations with other applications, but nothing plug n play with Airtable. It will be a manual selection process. Where do I start?

Thank you in advance!

Hi @Morgan_Nystrom - yes, the API is your friend here. Webdam looks like it has an API to download (or access) assets. Getting an image on a Webdam URL and pushing to Airtable via the AT API is not hard to do. I guess the trick is how you specify which images are uploaded to AT. Not sure what you mean by this: “I would be able to search Webdam in the same way Box or Dropbox is available”, but there are options in the API to find images by certain criteria, so this might be part of your solution too.


Thank you @JonathanBowen. What I want to be able to do is attach a file from webdam in the same way one can attach from Box or DropBox. I want to select Webdam as my source for an attachment and then be able to find the asset I need within Webdam and then attach it to a record. Webdam has a plug in for Wordpress and other apps but does not have an out-of-the-box solution for Airtable. Does that make sense? Where would I even start to get this set up in Airtable? I have never worked with an API.

Hi @Morgan_Nystrom - OK, I understand. In that case, I think the web clipper extension will do what you want (Airtable Blocks - you need a paid plan for this). If you install this and set it up for your base, then you can search on Webdam (or anywhere else), find the image you want and upload to a table in your chosen base. More info here: