Is 1200 records per base in free account is over now?

I have seen 1200 records in one base in the free account, but I have added more than 1200 records easily without any issue. Please expian me reason behind it. Its not matching with airtable pricing.

Hi @Priya_Sharma

When you added the other 1,200 records, was that to a different base? You can have as many bases as you want with no more than 1,200 records in each one.

If that’s not the case, then perhaps you are on a free trial for the Pro plan or you are on different plan then the free plan.

You can check what plan you have:

Here is a link to the plans, you may have seen this already, but I thought I would add it:

Just a few suggestions.

Mary K

See screenshot attached, in free account and more then 1200 records

It doesn’t appear to be a free account, because you also have the additional drop-down color options displaying in “Field 4”—unless those were added when you were on a Pro account. Free accounts only have 10 color options.
Airtable Free Color Options


Hi @Priya_Sharma

Did you manage to find out what plan you are on or whats going on with your account?

The instructions about how you can check what plan you have are for the desktop version.

Mary K

Two things:

  1. Your question is different from the original post in this thread, so it should be submitted as a new thread, not added to an existing one.
  2. The only option for embedding a web page into Airtable is with the Embed block.

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