Is it possible to define a single select field's value through a formula?

Currently, formula fields support numeric, date and text output only. Are there any plans to extend formula field to work with other types of output (such as the single select field)?

A bit of context: I have 3 single select fields (let’s call them A, B, and C) which represent the status of a task. Statuses may have one of the following options: Todo, Doing, Paused, and Done. For example, given some task, it could have the A field as Doing, B as Paused, and C as Todo.

With that in mind, I’d like to have a field D that automatically selects its value based on fields A, B, and C. Let’s say D is a formula field that does some least common denominator logic to figure its value out. The problem I’m facing is that the output type of D is text, and I’d like it to be a single select field’s value type.

Also, is there a dedicated place to ask Airtable for feature implementations?


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You are correct that formula fields can only output numeric, date, and text output. However, you can set the formula to output whatever text you want. So, you can create a formula to set {field D} to output the text Todo, Doing, Paused, or Done to match the single select fields. The formula field will not have the appearance or color of a single select field.

As for asking for Airtable for feature implementations, you can check out the Product Suggestions part of this community.

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