Is there a better way than a zap?

I’m using two tables in the same base connected by a zap to create an automatic updates log (the second table) of repeating tasks in the first table. It’s a Health & Safety maintenance system.

Table one lists all the regular things that need doing - first aid box refresh, car checks etc. When a check is completed the checker updates this table and it automatically updates a iCal so the next time check is in the right persons calendar. The table has a “last update field” which I use to create a filtered view that only has checks updated today in it.

I use a zap to spot the updated view record and create a new record in the second table - the log of events. This is totally auto-generated as an audit trail. It lists the check completed and other details about it. This is the table used to report H&S activities.

But it’s a bit complex - is there a better way?

Hello Hazel,
I can think of 2 options:

  1. Instead of updating in the task direct, create a second table with activities against a task. This way your changes dont impact the task directly and the activities table itself can become your audit trail. The downside this can be edited so not so secure.
  2. With integromat you can write filters for the API calls so you dont need to build the view - this keeps your airtable setup clean and makes it more robust. You can also run it more often than once a day.

Let me know if you need me to expand on any of these.

Thanks Cor,
Security is an issue here do I’ll investigate integromat. :thinking: :grinning: