Is there a way to export/download all of your projects into a folder name?

I know you can download data as a CSV file but I was wondering if there was any ability to download the main data name as a folder instead. The goal of this is to quickly export the primary data point into a folder which can then easily be duplicated into Sharepoint.


Yes, but I’ve only been able to do this with the API. I have one client who uses this approach to sync the data into Sharepoint automatically.

Ok I spoke with someone who’s been working in Airtable longer than me and he said he has a way to sync new data to Sharepoint using Zapier so we are specifically looking for a way to import existing data to a folder/Sharepoint. Maybe it can be done with the same process and we are just overlooking it?

My client was able to copy data into Sharepoint with Zapier as well, but targeting specific folders and organizing the data to meet their requirements fell short. But give it a try - it’s free to test.