Isn't there a NEW feature where we can Link Between Bases?

I thought for sure I saw Airtable just added the new feature that we could finally link between bases - but now I can’t find it anywhere.

Here’s my specific query:

I have lots of film and TV projects in development set up in their own individual bases (so I can share project-specific info ONLY with the partners on each project) BUT the lay of the land research as to who the players are is “universal” - and constantly changing! LOL!

I have master proprietary bases that I maintain for myself (full of my own internal research and private notes on 1) financing/distribution prospects; 2) Actors (prospective cast) - etc. that I parse-share with my partners, clients, students and readers of my books on an as-needed/as-relevant-basis - that I don’t want to share 100% with ANYBODY!


I want to be able to link my master proprietary financier/distributor prospect base (say for easy example purposes: Netflix, HBO and AMC as commissioning leads for several different projects (i.e.: client project-specific bases)) - without having to copy and paste over and over - mostly because the source info (players’ roles, titles, contact info, mandates, etc.) change all the time (and I’d like to update my primary fount - once - for all).

I thought there were a couple NEW ways of doing this?
I’d be happy with ONE! LOL!

This MIGHT be it?

Thought I’d post here in case it solves it and I’m back off to my bases (and others have the same query).

Think I solved this myself. Here are some resources to help others:

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