Issue with Zapier "new record in a view" trigger

I’m having an issue with the “new record in a view” trigger for Zapier. I have records that will be moving in and out of several views based on user activity. The same record may enter or exit a view several times, but I want the Zap to trigger each time. However, a certain record can only trigger the Zap for a specific view once. If it exits that view and reenters, it will not trigger the Zap a second time. Zapier explained that this is due to Airtable not supporting webhooks. I was wondering, has anyone else found a workaround for this?

There are at least 4 workarounds for this.

  1. The best workaround of all is to simply switch to Integromat instead of Zapier. Integromat is a much better platform with way more functionality, features, and Airtable support than Zapier has. It is, by far, the superior platform. It does what you’re looking for, plus much more.

  2. If you stick with Zapier, you can simply set your trigger to be a schedule that repeats every 60 minutes.

  3. If you need your schedule to repeat more frequently than 60 minutes, you can use the JavaScript code trick that Airtable describes in this blog entry. This will repeat every 5-15 minutes, and it requires a paid Zapier plan.

  4. You can buy the awesome Zapier plug-in On2Air Actions, which gives you tons of additional Airtable functionality in Zapier — including an “Updated Record” trigger.

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