Last Modified Date Formula for a specific content

Hi everyone.

I have a base where there are some status to define where are the content that are being created. But, I have to know the date and time when the status “Completed” was added. Do you know how to do this?

Hello Lucas,

There’s a field in Airtable called Last Modified Time as shown below:

You are able to specify when this field shows an updated date/time by choosing the specific fields button and it will look something like this:

This way, when your status is changed, the last modified time will also change, like so:

If you don’t want to use a single select to mark complete, maybe you could use a checkbox field and as soon as that is filled out, the field gets updated in the same way.

Hopefully I was able to capture what you needed. Good luck!

Hi Sam. Thanks for the reponse. I was using the last modified field, but it computes every modification in this field. I want it computes only if the word “Complete” is selected.

Here’s an exemple:

Status: In progress | Date complete: Blank
Status: Complete | Date complete: 5/6/2020

If there’s some solution to this, I’d be grateful.

Ah, I understand, my bad. Maybe this will work.

Keeping the same table as above, you could create a formula field that shows the date/time from the last modified field but only if the status of that project is complete.

The formula and a picture of the table where the formula is placed in the “Date/Time Complete” field:

if( Status = "Complete" , DATETIME_FORMAT({Date Complete} , 'M/D/YYYY'),"")

Here’s a helpful link that lists what you can use in the DATETIME_FORMAT Function (where I used ‘M/D/YYYY’) :

Hopefully I was able to get what you needed this time. Let me know if you had any other quesitons/issues.


Thanks a lot, Sam! It helped and it works perfectly.

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