Layout to add clients to group events and track invoices for each client


As an advanced excel user, I feel like I’m missing something fundamental with the way databases work and I keep trying to do something which I’m now sure is impossible in Airtable but don’t understand why when it seems so simple.

In my latest project:

I want a list of clients
I want my calendar with available group sessions, to which I can add clients
When I add clients to this, I want it to link to a table of invoices, with a new invoice to track for each client.

All I am achieving at the moment is a list of all the amalgamated appointments next to the clients name. This does not allow me to track each invoice as ‘paid’, ‘cancelled’, due etc. I cannot track them from the calendar, because each appointment relates to multiple clients.

This seems the ideal project to add to a database but I know I am missing some basic principles to help me understand how my base design needs changing.

Hi @Presto_Automation,

Welcome to Airtable Community! :slight_smile:

This is definitely doable in Airtable. What you are missing is a Line Items table. As you said, now that you have the session linked to several clients, the invoice will come out with all the clients, not for a specific client. You can understand that more here.

If you need any help with the setup, please don’t hesitate to ask.


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