Linking two colums on different table


Is it possible to link one column to another table on the same base? I am creating a database where the common information like company name, the contact person will be same on the logistic table in the same base. When I try to link it links to the 1st column which is not ideal. Is there a way around this?

Linking one colum to another in a different table. Very new to Airtable so basic question

The link is made to the record, not to a specific field, but it is represented with the primary field (where you can show what you want with a Formula). Then, you use the Lookup field to retrieve other Fields from that Linked Record.


I am trying to connect a few colums from one table to another table. Can this be done? Every time I do link to another record it links to the 1st colum. Which is not ideal. I would like to lookup so if I update one table it populate the same information to another table. Please help.


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