List all dates in a period that falls on the given DOW

Hi there. I’m a newbie to Airtable formulas

I have a field {DOW} which holds a value like Thursday.
I also have values in a different table {Start Date} and {End Date} based on a foreign key.

How do I obtain a list of all the dates between {Start Date} and {End Date} that is the given {DOW}.
Eg Start Date is 28/Jan/2022 and End Date is 8/Apr/2022 and DOW is Thursday.
I want to find all the Thursdays between the given dates.

The list may be stored in 1 field (preferred) or have 1 date stored per field (hence having 10 columns for the 10 Thursdays found in the date period).

Thank you.

Welcome to the community, @Angela_Creative_Play! :smiley: Unfortunately Airtable’s formula system can’t do this. It would require iteration through a collection of dates, and the formula system doesn’t currently support iteration through collections or sequences. This would have to be done in a script. Depending on your needs (and the workspace level where your base lives), this could either be in a Scripting app (available to all users) or in an automation (only for bases in Pro-plan workspaces or higher).

Are you interested in learning to code the script yourself, or would you prefer to hire a developer? If you’re in the latter category, feel free to reach out and we can talk in more detail.

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