List of tasks template for projects


When I add a new client, there are a series of about 40 tasks that need to be done and tracked. Is there a way to automatically create those tasks in airtable without having to re-create every single one?


Yes, there is. (The initial announcement for the framework can be found here.)

Admittedly, that might be more involved than you need; when you say ‘tracked’, you may not mean ‘assigned a date’ but simply ‘made to exist to make sure they get done.’ If so, it shouldn’t be too hard to strip out the date-related portions, retaining only the task templating bits — in fact, I should probably do that, anyway, but if you need it before I post a revision, message or PM me here and I’ll push it higher in the queue.

I came to ask a similar question!
We’re trying to do the same thing. When we create a lesson there are multiple steps in the process. We’re testing out having a “Lesson Creation Project Template” and are having the team duplicate the project with all of the necessary activities and some even autoassigned.

The issue we’re running into is it’s not separating the two projects in the view. So it will show the activity once, attached to two projects that need to be tracked separately.

Would love any other suggestions on what we can try.