Looking up Field is not populating data from a linked table


I added a Table2 where i want to pull data from Table1

In Table2 i added a Column called “link to Table1” and i made it “Link field type to Table1”

Then i started to adding Columns in Table2 that i made “Look up type”

in Table1
Column1 (Name): John

in Table2
Column1: Link to Table1
Column2 (Name) Look up “Name” from “Table1”:

But when i fill a record on Table1, Table2 ignores all and nothing is happening, any idea?


When linking in Airtable, you need to link a record in Table 1 to a record in Table 2, not just the tables themselves. Have you done that?

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I will attach two pictures so you can see where is my mistake

My idea is to have every project data in a Record at Table1 (Clients), and share Table2 (My works) to an employee. Where he will read Clients info population like Adress, Name and he will able to set “State” that can be “In Progress” or “Finished” so in my “Client” table i will read whats is going on with that project.



If {Servicio} is the primary field in the table [My Works], you have to enter the corresponding service into the {Link to My Works} field in the [Clients] table.

Therefore, in your [Clients] table you should type Paint not in the {Servicio} field but in the {Link to My Works} field.

Your primary field in [Clients] should probably be the client’s name, not the service they ordered. Also, since you have a [Servicio]table, it sounds like the {Servicio} field in the [My Works] table should be a Link to Another Record field pointing at the [Servicios] table. If that’s the case, keep in mind that Link fields can’t be the primary field, so you’ll have to make a new field to accomplish that and maybe make the primary field a formula or autonumber.

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